Welcome to Around DH in 80 days! For the next 80 days, each day we will visit a different digital humanities project. Today marks day 0. Our departure point is New York City, where the bulk of the code for this site was assembled. Each day the map will show one dot or a series of dots, depending on the number of localities directly involved in the project. The dots will sometimes represent cities, sometimes countries, depending on the context. Before the 80 days are over, we will have visited each continent multiple times. If you would like to learn more, please visit our about page for more details on our rationale, the history of the project, and some tips on how to and how NOT to read this site. If you would like to receive notifications for each entry, make sure to sign up for our RSS feed using your favorite reader.

Many wonderful people, from many different places, have already contributed to this project. At the bottom of each entry, you will see a link to the project and the editor or editors for that particular entry. At the end of the 80 days we will post a full list of contributors in the credits page. But wait! We are still not done. We still have work to do as the tour progresses. If you would like to know how you can get involved or have a question for us send me a line.