DigiHUBB, Centrul Digital Humanities Transilvania, the Digital Humanities Center of Transylvania, is the first Center of its kind in Romania. It is affiliated to the Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, and functions as a research consortium. DigiHUBB’s purpose is to spread digital humanities knowledge in Romania, to encourage researchers to work in interdisciplinary teams and to promote digital creativity.

DigiHUBB aims at developing programs focused on applied research and innovation through knowledge transfer and dissemination in the field of Digital Humanities; developing, in the future, professional training programs in line with the Centre’s domain, as well as creating practical end products, such as knowledge bases, database, interactive maps, cloud platforms, 3-D reconstructions, mobile applications, among others.

Link: http://centre.ubbcluj.ro/digihubb/index.php

Selected by: Alex Gil

Text by: Corina Moldovan